A Home for Tennis

When our clients dream big, Gelotte Hommas Architecture transforms zoning restrictions into creative opportunities.

Overcoming Obstacles

Recently, our tennis enthusiast clients brought us their vision for a home complete with an indoor tennis court. Local zoning laws restricted residential structures to a 25 foot height, so a standard 36 foot high indoor tennis court was out of the question. Instead, our team dug deep and proposed to recess the tennis court beneath the custom home.

A Home for Tennis.

This custom design brings modern elegance to life with a long-span structure set on a deep foundation. The terraced green roof provides an abundance of outdoor space, and a stunning oculus allows natural light to permeate the recessed tennis court and workout room.

Celebrating Innovation

Our “Home for Tennis” model currently sits on display alongside other innovative designs at the (un)Restricted Architectural Model Exhibit. This year, the exhibit focuses on architectural innovation in response to environmental, material, social, and economic challenges. The (un)Restricted Exhibit explores the stories behind the structures, and celebrates local ingenuity.

You can visit our current model (and many others from Seattle’s best architects!) at the Center for Architecture Design now through September 23.

Interested in other models? Check out our model entry from the 14th Annual Architecture Exhibit!

Gelotte Hommas Design Vision

Here at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we have developed a national reputation for our creative and well-thought out residential architecture in Bellevue as well as our commercial design. Our architecture firm was established in 1983 by Curtis Gelotte, Scott Hommas and Eric Drivdahl. As a medium-sized architecture firm, we are not only able to oversee a number assignments of all sizes, but we are also able to ensure the quality of design and customer service due to the fact that at least two of our principals will oversee each project. The following are a few of our design principals that we have put into place and that help to define our Gelotte Hommas vision:

Residential architecture in Bellevue
Some of the design principles that we practice here at Gelotte Hommas hinge under the use of Beauty and Form, Use of Light, Placement, and Local Materials.  
  • Beauty and Form – Although we focus on function, we strive to enhance the function of a design in order to compose a unique and artistic beauty by paying careful attention to proportion, scale and alignment.
  • Light – The way a place is lit, both by indoor lighting and by natural light, helps create the atmosphere of the space. We ensure that the ligh
  • Place – The relationship between the architecture and its surroundings is often overlooked. We keep the site of the place in mind when designing both the interior and exterior.
  • Materials – We understand that the materials that are used help to express beauty, form, rhythm and light, which means we strive to use rich materials that are artistically joined as well as honestly expressed.

As you can see, we focus on every element of architectural design, from the location to the materials to the rhythm. For more information about our Gelotte Hommas vision, or for advice concerning residential architecture in Bellevue, be sure to contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.

Breathtaking Lake Houses

When you live in an area that has a lot of nature or an incredible feature like a lake to show off, hiding it isn’t an option, and you have to build your home the right way. However, not every homeowner or architectural firm has the ability to really highlight what is special about a Northwest lake house, particularly if there are challenges to work with in the area of with an existing structure. With the Hitari Lake House, Gelotte Hommas have done exactly that though, working with nature and the homeowner’s desires to create a truly fabulous space that blends modern design with beautiful natural scenery.

The Hitari Lakehouse reflects the homeowner’s desires to create a truly fabulous space that blends modern design with beautiful natural scenery.
  • The outside of the home combines natural wood with a minimal finish to blend well with the scenery. Modern glass on the outside complements the stone used throughout the outdoor areas and the crisp yet natural forest green trim on the exterior of the home.
  • A modern boat dock made with high-gloss wood connects the outdoor patio area that’s perfect for evening dinners with the lake. The boat dock works beautifully in a visual sense and allows the guests and homeowners to fully enjoy the lake on warm days.
  • The interior of the home combines natural wood with deep, rich colors. Rugs adorn the floor all over to add warmth and animal prints make the house fun yet sophisticated.
  • Incredible landscaping really makes the Hitari Lake House and many other Northwest lake houses designed by Gelotte Hommas truly special. When you have such a fabulous property so near something as beautiful as a natural lake, it is essential to focus on how the landscaping will combine the home with nature and the lifestyles of the owners.

Contact Gelotte Hommas for more information about the Hitari Lake House and other Northwest lake houses designed by the firm.

Exquisite Interior Wood Designed Homes

The Northwest United States is quite literally the great north woods, and regional architecture is quick to bring this point home. Nowhere else in the United States will you find the variety of interior wood designed homes showcased in Washington, Oregon, and surrounding states. The vast forests provide a ample supply of high-quality timber just waiting to become someone’s home. Once you’ve decided a wood designed home is what you’re looking for, you can let the designers and architects at Gelotte Hommas Architecture help you choose the features you want and bring them to life.

Cedar Haven is an airy, open, split-level home that makes the most out of the cedar timber that surrounds the property.

While we’re proud to have designed many traditional and contemporary style homes with a Northwest motif, we’re especially proud of our Unique Portfolio. One of our favorite interior wood designed homes is the Cedar Haven.

Cedar Haven is an airy, open, split-level home that makes the most out of the cedar timber that surrounds the property. The front of the home features two stories of pane windows that allow people in the main room to view the beautiful scenery, and people on the outside to take in the large spiral staircase and other outstanding wood features inside the Cedar Haven.

The best interior wood designed homes incorporate as many wood features as possible into every facet of the architecture and highlights. In the case of Cedar Haven, we feel we’ve set a new level of wood design excellence. From the exposed ceiling rafters and molding around the large rock fireplace, to the centerpiece spiral staircase, wood, wood and more wood is what you see.

Take a minute to admire the woodwork of Cedar Haven and browse other homes in our Unique portfolio. Then, when you’re ready to start designing your Northwest wood home, let us know.

Gelotte Hommas Home Remodel

Remodeling projects can be pretty tricky for homeowners. After all, most people like certain features of their home and want to keep them even if they need slightly different features. For many people, a Seattle home remodel is a way to combine what they love about a home with their own personal style. That’s exactly what the Lakefront Splendor house, remodeled by architectural firm Gelotte Hommas, set out to achieve. With the Lakefront Splendor house, they combined the homeowner’s love of nature with a modern sensibility to create a cutting-edge and livable home the owners adore.

A Seattle home remodel embraces the views
The Lakefront Splendor house, combines the homeowner’s love of nature with a modern sensibility, creating the cutting-edge home the owners adore. 
  • Glass lines the house to help create an open look and provide wonderful views of the lake, even at night. The glass walls also help to bring the outside into the home, which was very important for the homeowner’s and the architects. Even the walls of the garage are glass.
  • Multiple outdoor spaces with fireplaces or fire pits allow the owners and residents to spend a great deal of time outside, even in the winter months when it’s fairly cool. The fireplaces also provide a great deal of ambiance in the stone pathways and garden areas that have views of the lake.
  • The Lakefront Splendor house combines natural wood and stone with unique modern elements like stainless steel and glass. These elements are married in many cases by a color palette of deep red and taupe found in nature.
  • Modern amenities make this house a truly special one. The home theatre is a unique one that seats a handful of guests for private screenings but it is also open to the house, connected by a modern wood staircase with metal supports.

Contact Gelotte Hommas for more information about Seattle home remodel and how the right remodel can benefit your home.

Cottage Restoration Home

Pulling in the driveway at a comfortable cottage always feels like you’re coming home to a place of comfort and relaxation. Cottage homes are not only charming, but also timeless in the way that they balance soft corners, natural materials and plenty of sunlight. If you’re thinking of building your own cottage home, use these ideas from our Storybrook Cottage design as inspiration.

If you’re thinking of building your own cottage home, use these ideas from our Storybrook Cottage design as inspiration. 
  • Arched doorways between the living room and kitchen create a soft, friendly look in these rooms. You and your guests will be welcomed to meander from room to room, socializing or enjoying the open space.
  • When it comes to cottage home designs, there is no better choice than a hardwood floor. Light shining in through large windows and reflecting off of the hardwood looks luxurious.
  • Make sure you include many large windows in your design, especially in the dining room. If you’re surrounded by views of nature on three sides, you’ll feel like you’re dining in the great outdoors.
  • Choose a country-style kitchen design that uses plenty of white, glass cabinets and a stone counter top to create a look that’s charming and timeless.
  • Don’t under-estimate the importance of choosing the right paint colors. In a cottage, neutrals are king, but pick shades with a touch of color in them, such as gray with a hint of green, to give your cottage a creative appeal.

To learn more about our cottage homes, and to discuss your own design needs, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture. We’d be happy to help you design the cottage-style home of your dreams.

Stellar Lakefront Home Designs

When you live on the lake, it makes sense to use home design elements that allow you to make the most of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our Coastal Cove House is a good example of the beautiful lakefront home designs we’ve designed, and you may be able to glean some ideas from it for use in your own lake house design.

lakefront home designs
Our Coastal Cove House is a good example of the beautiful lakefront homes we’ve designed, and you may be able to glean some ideas from it for use in your own lake house design.

A wrap-around porch, finished in shiny, natural wood gives you a place to enjoy the fresh air and the scenery on the lake. The porch’s generous width makes it possible to set up an entire dining table on it, and enjoy your meals surrounded by nature. Steps work their way down to the sandy beach, and railing surround the whole porch for a balanced look.

The gabled living room includes a fireplace to make you feel warm and cozy on stormy nights near the lake. Yet, with the open windows found on all sides of the building, you can look out onto the waters and feel like you’re a part of their majesty.

A coastal-style kitchen, fitted with natural, light wood cabinets and a kitchen island with a natural wood top, adds a cottage-style appeal to the home. Windows found above the counter tops towards the gabled ceiling allow plenty of light to shine in, and hanging pendant lights add a glowing ambiance.

To discuss these and other elements we love to use in lakefront home designs, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture. We’d love to help you design the spacious, relaxing home you’ve always wanted.

Dream Garage Designs

If you love collecting old cars, it only makes sense to have a lovely space in which you can remodel them, display them, and keep them safe from the elements. Fancy garage designs do more than just house your car. They celebrate its timeless beauty with elements that are both useful and appealing to the eye. Here are a a few details to consider including in your garage design plans.

Seattle garage designs
Fancy garage designs do more than supply a sanctuary for your car by providing an outlet for its timeless beauty the offers both form and function. 
  • A smooth, polished linoleum floor keeps your car clean and also gives the garage a sophisticated, upscale look. Choose a neutral color with a bit of pop, such as navy blue. Avoid colors that don’t complement the paint colors of your cars.
  • Off of the main garage storage room, include a lounge. This gives you somewhere to retire with guests after you’re done admiring your car collection.  A cozy fireplace and a few comfortable couches go a long way. Use stone and brick in the design to give your garage lounge a natural, outdoorsy appeal.
  • Consider including a small kitchen either in, or to the side of your lounge. Having a basic sink, stove and refrigerator allows you to prepare snacks for your guests. It also comes in useful for backyard parties in the summer.
  • If you don’t have floorspace for a lounge or kitchen in your garage, build upwards instead of outwards. A loft-style lounge can be very visually appealing.

At Gelotte Hommas Architects, we’re dedicated to creating beautiful structures that capitalize on the use of light, rhythm and form. Contact us to discuss these and other fancy garage designs that would look lovely in your home.

Fall Landscape Tips for your Home

Fall is upon us. Between carving pumpkins, hosting family dinners, and baking fall cookies, it’s important to take some time to care for your landscape. Neglecting your yard now will only make your job a lot harder when spring comes. Follow these fall landscape tips to keep your space looking fresh and well-groomed well into the cooler months.

Fall landscape tips
  • Mulch your garden beds. Although most people leave mulching for the spring, it’s actually better to apply mulch in the fall because it protect the plants’ roots from frost. A 2 – 3 inch layer of wood mulch is sufficient.
  • Wrap your fragile shrubs and bushes. If you have shrubs that are less hardy, wrapping them in burlap will help protect them from the elements when the cold winds start blowing and the snow starts flying.
  • Remove dead branches. Don’t cut away healthy branches, since this will distract the plant from putting its energy into preparing for dormancy. Do, however, trim all dead branches out from trees and shrubs. This saves you time and energy in the spring and keeps your landscape looking tidy.
  • Rake up leaves. This should be a no-brainer. However, not everyone does it properly. Make sure you rake leaves periodically throughout the fall, not just once at the end of the season. Leaving leaves on the ground can contribute to the growth of fungi which may cause disease in your trees the next spring.
  • Pull out old annuals. They’re dead, and they are not coming back. Remove them now, so they don’t rot beneath the snow when spring comes.

Is building a new home a part of your plan this next year? Contact Gelotte Hommas Architects to learn about our services. By this time next year, you could be using these fall landscape tips in your new yard.

Entertain your Guests in your Open Floor Plan Home

You don’t necessarily need a huge home in order to entertain a lot of guests effectively. What you really need is an open floor plan — one that allows people to easily flow from place to place without encountering a lot of obstructions like doorways and extra walls.

Open floor plan home

As lives become busier, open floor plans have become more important for homeowners who wish to entertain. No longer do hosts have days to prepare by re-arranging furniture and moving decorations to make more space. Homes must be ready for last-minute entertainment, and an open floor plan allows for this.

Whether you have five friends over or fifty, people tend to congregate in the kitchen. For this reason, having a spacious kitchen that opens up seamlessly into the living and dining areas is essential. A kitchen island is also an important part of an open floor plan — it gives people a place to perch and talk.

The proper lighting can help you make effective use of open floor home plans. Since you don’t have room boundaries to define where guests are supposed to eat, and where they are supposed to sit and mingle, accent lighting can do the trick. Dim lighting over a table draws attention to it as a dining space. Hanging pendant lamps over a buffet place the emphasis on the food, and soft table lamps set near sofas and chairs invites guests to sit and relax.

Building a larger home does not necessarily give you more space. Using an open floor plan, however, creates a space that’s more easily utilized and enjoyed.

Are you looking for open floor home plans that are great for entertaining and everyday family living? Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to learn more about our home design services.