Designing for the Long Run

Every new home design project requires exceptional focus and care, and as custom residential architects, we recognize that every project is unique in its needs. That’s why we rely on building information modeling to keep every design organized and exceptionally documented.

Building information modeling (BIM) takes CAD programming deeper into the realm of integrated design. It’s part modeling tool, part database. It’s been standard in commercial building procedures for nearly two decades, helping architects, builders, and building managers create and track the needs of their structures. Now, the Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl team uses BIM for residential design.

BIM for residential design allows custom residential architects to effectively manage home quality.

BIM for Residential Design

BIM is one of the tools we use to achieve the highest standards of quality and service for each client we work with. It’s an exercise in diligently mapping every inch of a home and ensuring that every system—from HVAC and insulation to A/V and security—harmonize for the success of the whole home.

Rick Schwolsky of Architect Magazine describes the impact of BIM for residential design this way:

BIM programs can instantly detect structural and spatial conflicts between building systems and components, check for code compliance, and produce updated construction documents throughout the design and construction process. But it’s the instant modeling, simulation, and analysis functions that are expanding the world of sustainable design. From solar siting studies for daylighting and collector placement to fine-tuning insulation, window, and HVAC specs, design and performance are tied together from the beginning, saving time and guesswork for everyone.

This intricate digital home map records the materials and systems in the home, and keeps building crews informed with the latest blueprints. Long after the home is constructed, BIM continues to serve as it tracks warranties and maintenance needs, ensuring that your home’s structure and systems remain well cared for.

Service and quality are at the heart of our work. Each home we bring to life must endure—in beauty and in quality. Contact us to learn more about bringing your dream home to life.