Gelotte Hommas Home Remodel

Remodeling projects can be pretty tricky for homeowners. After all, most people like certain features of their home and want to keep them even if they need slightly different features. For many people, a Seattle home remodel is a way to combine what they love about a home with their own personal style. That’s exactly what the Lakefront Splendor house, remodeled by architectural firm Gelotte Hommas, set out to achieve. With the Lakefront Splendor house, they combined the homeowner’s love of nature with a modern sensibility to create a cutting-edge and livable home the owners adore.

A Seattle home remodel embraces the views
The Lakefront Splendor house, combines the homeowner’s love of nature with a modern sensibility, creating the cutting-edge home the owners adore. 
  • Glass lines the house to help create an open look and provide wonderful views of the lake, even at night. The glass walls also help to bring the outside into the home, which was very important for the homeowner’s and the architects. Even the walls of the garage are glass.
  • Multiple outdoor spaces with fireplaces or fire pits allow the owners and residents to spend a great deal of time outside, even in the winter months when it’s fairly cool. The fireplaces also provide a great deal of ambiance in the stone pathways and garden areas that have views of the lake.
  • The Lakefront Splendor house combines natural wood and stone with unique modern elements like stainless steel and glass. These elements are married in many cases by a color palette of deep red and taupe found in nature.
  • Modern amenities make this house a truly special one. The home theatre is a unique one that seats a handful of guests for private screenings but it is also open to the house, connected by a modern wood staircase with metal supports.

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