Architecture-Inspired Carved Pumpkin Wins Contest

While Gelotte Hommas Architecture project manager Curt Peterson’s “Gatekeeper” pumpkin sculpturedidn’t make the final cut, an amazing architecture-inspired carved pumpkin won This Old House’s 2010 pumpkin-carving contest based on user voting and editorial judgment.

"Haunted Carousel" photo via

This haunted carousel carved pumpkin created by Karyn T. of Fort Worth, Tex., was a hit with the home improvement magazine’s readers and judges and took home the $500 grand prize. Says the pumpkin’s creator:

“I found the perfect sized pumpkin to do an all-around design, and had this one tucked in the back of a folder. The top is held up by skewers, and when the wind blew through the pumpkin it gave the illusion of it moving. It was the hit of the neighborhood!”

Thanks to everyone who voted for Curt’s design, which appeared as one of the Top 99 contest entries, and best of luck next year.

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