Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Recap

GHA shares its thoughts on the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.


Gelotte Hommas Architecture thanks our clients, contractors, and consultants for their thoughtful holiday greetings!

Signature Work (and a sneak peak!)

This week, we’re thrilled to be one of fifty architects, interior designers, and builders featured in Structure and Design, a book that highlights residential designs from leading professionals across the nation.

A Home for Tennis

When our clients dream big, Gelotte Hommas Architecture turns zoning restrictions into creative opportunities.

Cocktails & Mocktails

While we ordinarily spend our days turning our clients’ dream homes into a reality, we also embrace opportunities to flex our creative muscles and apply our skill to other creative ventures. Last week, we traded our drawing boards for 5-by-5-inch cocktail napkins and entered our designs into the Architectural Record Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest. The …


When designing your dream home, it is best to start by figuring out what your priorities are. Do you want your home to be large or small? Modern or traditional? A master suite that takes up the entire second floor or a pantry the size of Fort Knox just in case guests stop by. In …

The Modern Prairie Home

The prairie home style was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900s. This architectural form’s heyday lasted less than two decades and most homes of this style were built in the Midwest. Because of these factors ,there are very few prairie style homes in the Pacific Northwest which makes this home by the …

Fall Landscape Tips for your Home

Fall is upon us. Between carving pumpkins, hosting family dinners, and baking fall cookies, it’s important to take some time to care for your landscape. Neglecting your yard now will only make your job a lot harder when spring comes. Follow these fall landscape tips to keep your space looking fresh and well-groomed well into …

Neutral Colors for your Contemporary Home

When thinking of color schemes for your home, it’s all too common to dismiss neutral tones as too traditional for your contemporary decor. However, if you choose the right neutral tones, you can actually create a look that is modern, balanced and visually interesting. Here’s a look at a few neutral color schemes for home. Wheeling …

Not Your Typical Cabin Home

When you think of a log cabin, what kind of pictures come to mind? Most people think of a simple, square cabin in the woods, surrounded by brush. However, a cabin home can be much more than that — it can be a luxurious retreat from daily life, or even a place that you call …