Neutral Colors for your Contemporary Home

When thinking of color schemes for your home, it’s all too common to dismiss neutral tones as too traditional for your contemporary decor. However, if you choose the right neutral tones, you can actually create a look that is modern, balanced and visually interesting. Here’s a look at a few neutral color schemes for home.

A neutral color scheme pairs well with contemporary decor

Wheeling Neutral, a dark taupe color from Benjamin Moore, is a lovely neutral color scheme that looks perfect in a living room. It has a balanced appeal, so you can pair it with more brightly colored accents, such as printed drapes, without overwhelming the eyes.

Light grays are very fashionable right now. You can find grays with just a hint of blue or lavender hue. Pair them with contemporary decor that features blue or green, and they emit a soothing, relaxing feeling.

Charcoal gray is a good choice if you’re looking for a darker shade to use in a dining room or kitchen. You can pair it with plenty of white to lighten up your space, or use a touch of magenta to create a more modern look. Charcoal gray pairs well with most any color, but it makes a bold statement.

Tinted neutral shades, such as taupe with a touch of green or yellow, create a very balanced look. These shades are hard to describe — they’re not quite green, or not quite blue, but they’re neutral with a touch of these colors.

Brown is the classic neutral color scheme because it comes in so many varieties. Dark brown gives off a rich, warming sensation, while lighter brown is more relaxing and welcoming.

To explore these color schemes for home further, and discuss how they will look in your space, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects.