Not Your Typical Cabin Home

When you think of a log cabin, what kind of pictures come to mind? Most people think of a simple, square cabin in the woods, surrounded by brush. However, a cabin home can be much more than that — it can be a luxurious retreat from daily life, or even a place that you call home every day. These design ideas for cabin homes will change the way you think about cabins.

cabin home in Washington

Luxury cabin homes can offer stunning bedrooms that offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Floor-to-ceiling windows make you feel like you are truly in nature. When your cabin is perched at the top of a hill, you can look down from these windows at the trees below, and enjoy a view that most people only ever dream about.

Spacious country-style kitchens are another common element in luxury cabins. Plenty of wood used for the cabinets, door frames, window frames, and floor gives the kitchen a rustic look, but glass elements add a touch of class. Your whole family can fit into a spacious kitchen like this. You’ll love the close bond you feel when sharing meals in this outdoorsy, warming space.

Luxurious pools, surrounded by natural stone, offer a lovely escape in your cabin’s back yard. You can relax on the pool deck and stare into the clear, blue sky.

A rustic bathroom with a natural wood sink and glass shower that lets you peer into the woods allows you to feel as though you are bathing in nature. Roughly hewn planks that still have their bark make excellent bathroom shelves and counter tops.

Have these ideas given you cabin fever? Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture; we’ll help you build a cabin home that embraces luxurious living and nature, all in one.