Architecture with Pets in Mind: Designing a Cat-Friendly Home

Cats are not so much pets as they are roommates, and their attitude about your home – and your things – shows that. That’s why you should design your new home or remodel with your cat in mind; give them his or her space and he or she will (hopefully) give you yours. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a cat-friendly home design:

incorporate a cat scratch post in your Seattle residence
  • Provide a perch: Cats love to tower over their surroundings, and having the perfect place to perch will be a great opportunity to do so. Provide the furry animal with ample perching places with the use of high shelving, or add a custom perch for your cat by mounting “cat cubbies” to the walls.
  • The cat wants windows: Your little kitty is just like any other cat and wants a place to watch the world, ideally a window sill. When designing your home, make sure to include plenty of windows with large ledges so your cat can watch the world outside from the comfort of his home.
  • Scrounge up a scratching post: The beast loves to massage his or her paws, and she’ll do so whether you approve of the location or not. To avoid damaged furniture, add scratching areas to all of her favorite hang-out spots. If you need a little help convincing her to use them, just add some catnip to the area.

Show your cat how much you appreciate her by giving her her own space with these simple ideas.

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