Ask an Architect: How to Build a House

So you want to build a house. We get it. It’s a daunting process, especially when you don’t have an ally. So how do you get started? You often hear stories about what can go wrong, how expensive a project becomes, and how long it takes. You may wonder what it’s like to work with an architect: will they catch your home design vision? Can you understand their lingo? Will you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with them?

We’d love to help you get started on your home design journey at AIA Seattle’s Ask an Architect this Saturday, January 13. GHD architect Eric Drivdahl explains: “Ask an Architect is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to ask direct questions of Seattle area residential architects.”

Eric Drivdahl answers your questions at Ask an Architect.

How to Build a House

Eric will partner with Matt Hutchins of CAST Architecture to answer your questions on setting priorities, communicating your budget, thinking through the home design and construction process, and finding an architect who works with you. “Attendees will walk away with a good understanding of the whole home design or home improvement project process. We’ll present and discuss everything from timeline to who all needs to be on the team. We look forward to hearing our guests’ questions and addressing their dream projects.”

It’s all part of what we love: building relationships and working with clients. Through this event, we hope to give you an opportunity to push forward on your dream project, to dispel fears and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions.

Ask an Architect takes place Saturday, January 13 in Seattle at the Center for Architecture and Design. Bring your questions, ideas, and “napkin sketches,” and we’ll bring experience, coffee, and snacks. We can’t wait to see you and learn about your dream home design!

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