2017 Home Design Trends

2017 is drawing to a close, and we’re looking back at the design trends that have emerged in the past year…and how those trends will impact new Seattle home design in 2018.

Making the most of Seattle home design in 2018.

Market Trends

We constantly evaluate the affordability of housing. Unfortunately, Seattle-area home prices are rising. It’s a tough market for home buyers, and we’re aware of how overwhelming the home- (or even land-) buying process can be, let alone the work of making that house truly feel like your home.

Every home design project can quickly run over budget. It’s part of dreaming big, and we get it. Every detail is important. Hence the reason we’ve spent more than three decades perfecting the art of manifesting your dream home with a conscious eye on the budget. So despite rising costs and competition in the market, we have good news.

Creative Solutions for Seattle Home Design

Your dream home is still possible. Bellevue architect Curt Gelotte suggests that “if you’re looking to remodel, let’s look not at expanding your space, but at making the space you have function better.” Open floor plans and designs that seamlessly connect with the outdoors make homes feel larger and more luxurious without increasing the home’s footprint.

Furthermore, if you’re planning to build or expand, consider an accessory dwelling unit–a small attached apartment or a detached guest house–that allows you to earn extra income from your home if you decided to do so.

Tackling 2018 design trends for your dream home.

We’re excited to help you think creatively to make your dream home a reality. Next week, we’ll look at more positive news and our favorite design trends for Seattle home design.

P.S.: Wrapping Up 2017

It’s been a big year for our Gelotte, Hommas, (and now) Drivdahl family. We welcomed a new partner, a new name, a new website, and a new logo. We dreamed with clients and then turned those dreams into luxury custom homes. We celebrated an anniversary, painted with colleagues, designed holiday cards, and rebuilt Seattle with gingerbread. In short, we pursued the art of architecture with fun, friends, and an abundance of creativity. As we head into 2018 together, we wish you the happiest of new years!