The Baby Boomer Dream Home

As Bellevue residential architects, we’re constantly aware of the needs and dreams that our clients look to fulfill in their homes…and how those dreams change with time and life stages.

While a recent study revealed that millennials are dreaming of large, suburban homes with smart, energy-efficient technology, baby boomers envision a smaller, tropical escape. According to the study, as the baby boomer generation works toward or currently enjoys retirement, they’re looking for a quieter, more serene environment.

Here are a few of the qualities that top the baby boomer dream home list…


Bellevue residential architects craft the baby boomer dream home
The baby boomer dream home takes in waterfront views.

Like millennials, baby boomers no longer strive for the white picket fence ideal. But while millennials look to the suburbs, baby boomers are ready for a beachfront home. Warmer weather and a place to slow down and relax appeals to the generation that’s labored hard for decades. From Lake Washington to the San Juan Islands, water offers a serene, scenic setting from which to savor a calmer pace of life.


On average, baby boomers dream of a 1,500 to 2,000 square foot home—less than half that of their millennial counterparts. Empty nests and a desire for greater travel flexibility call for less space. They seek to use space well—more storage and intentional closet designs allow for a more compact dream home.


Bellevue residential architects craft the baby boomer dream home

A phenomenal kitchen has long topped the list of must-haves. Both national studies and our professional experience confirm this sentiment. But baby boomers find this room particularly important.

The kitchen fosters nourishment and relationships. Great kitchen design facilitates healthier, more active lives. It’s the hub of the home from the moment the coffee pot flicks on in the morning to last dish in the dishwasher at night. Baby boomers are ready to embrace all of the potential that lies in a quality kitchen.

Regardless of taste, generation, or unique dreams, we relish the opportunity to manifest our clients’ dream homes. As Bellevue residential architects, we count it a privilege to listen to and participate in the creation of house.