Build Your Home to Live In Luxury With Nature

Living in nature can make you feel more connected to the world around you. At Gelotte Hommas, we completed a beautiful project called “The Woods Outback.” This gorgeous home is surrounded by nature, and every aspect of the home immerses you in its beauty. It incorporates some of the latest luxury home trends, and is great inspiration as you’re thinking of designing your new home. Here are some key points of this home’s natural design:

Designing for the outdoors
Source: Gelotte Hommas

  • A long walkway to the door is surrounded by local plants, so guests cannot help but enjoy the beauty of nature as they approach the home.
  • The kitchen continues with the natural theme, using natural light, natural wood for the floor, cupboards, and bar seating. It does have items such as pendant lights and a built-in oven, but these are subdued by the natural looking materials.
  • Long hallways end in large, clear windows so you get to enjoy a view of the outdoors as you move from room to room.

At Gelotte Hommas, we never limit our creativity or yours. We can work other elements into your home that allow you to live in nature. Here are some other ideas that you could incorporate into your home:

  • If your land is hilly, build part of the home into the hillside so that it appears to be a ranch from the front, but really has two stories.
  • Large picture windows in the living room area should face the most interesting part of your land or the scenery. You’ll hardly need decorations with nature in the background.
  • Consider incorporating a central courtyard into your design for easy access and a great view of the outdoors.

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