Building On a Great Location? Take Advantage of Your View

When you purchased your land, you probably focused on finding the most attractive plot around. Maybe your land offers a great view of a trickling stream, or maybe you can see a deep forest on three sides of your plot. You want to get as much enjoyment out of this setting as possible, and one way to do that is to make sure it’s visible from inside your home. Before you build, consider these ideas for creating a panoramic view of your land from inside your house.

Building a home around great views
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Take some home design inspiration from the beautiful designs emerging in South Africa. These homes use fabulous glass walls to allow complete views of the ougtdoors. Rather than relying on sharp angles, these homeowners are choosing curved glass designs to create light,  flowing looks.
  • Floor to ceiling windows are a classic way to expand your view. Make yours unique by placing two windows at a corner so that you can stand in that corner and look out over a great expanse of your property and the surrounding nature.
  • If you crave true luxury, build a terrace around the top level of your home. It’s the perfect setting for sun tanning and reading, and you’ll have a completely unobstructed view of the area from a point above the trees.
  • Build a single glass room off of the side of your home which has the best view. Use modern decor, such as simple, monochromatic furniture, to keep the focus on the view.

If you’re looking for additional home design inspiration, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture. Talk to our talented designers; they’ll work with you to create a home that does your location justice.