Contemporary Design in a Custom Vanity

The master bathroom serves as a launch point for the day and a safe space to unwind before bed. It’s a place of necessity, yes. But it can also be a place of comfort, luxury, elegance…even art. Ratio House’s custom vanity provides a superb example of purposeful home art.

Contemporary Design

Redmond architect Curtis Gelotte added the master bathroom and bedroom during a remodel to a dated, waterfront home. He crafted the home as a representation of the homeowners’ lives, drawing in their passions for contemporary design and celebrating their lifetimes of work and travel.

A Redmond architect crafts a singular custom vanity.

The bathroom features a singular double vanity. Comprised of a steel frame, granite countertops, and perfectly proportioned mirrors, the structure appears to float with ease in a sea of light. The steel channel frame . stands as a sculpture in the bathroom, supporting the entire vanity  and housing plumbing and electrical wiring within its hollows.

The wall behind behaves as a canvas for the sculptured custom vanity. Although composed of translucent art glass, it mimics a Japanese soji screen. Light filters brilliantly through the glass without compromising privacy.

Timeless Calculations

Beyond the master bathroom’s sheer beauty, our Redmond architect played with classic mathematical ratios. Each measurement of the mirrors and cabinets is rooted in golden ratios, as is much of the home. Curt introduced his clients to the concept of golden rectangles early in the design process, and they were enamored. That fascination grew, and the truly classic design principle inspired every inch of the home, from the front door to the bathroom vanity.

The custom vanity illustrates the fruit of great relationship. From first meeting, Curt listened for his clients’ story—their interests, their inspirations—and shaped it into a home uniquely suited to them. He merged his clients’ love for Japan’s materials, textures, and lines with an interest in math and engineering.

The result: a sculptured vanity that reflects the heart of the homeowners.