Contemporary Design in the Pacific Northwest

Not all homes in the Pacific Northwest are log cabins. Contemporary residential architecture is thriving in the Northwest, and we have our own particular take on it. This Northwest Perspectives home is a perfect example of this. The home is modern and functional without being cold and aloof. As proof, just look at this stunning concrete fireplace.

Northwest Perspective
A concrete fireplace creates a sleek look in contemporary residential architecture.

We often don’t think of concrete or cement being a high end building material but when done right it can really shine, literally. This versatile material can be stained and buffed to look nothing like its drab sidewalk cousin. The concrete fireplace in this home has a smooth finish in a neutral gray tone. It is a statement piece that is not overpowering.

Contemporary residential architecture in a Seattle home.

Throughout the home an emphasis was made to have clean lines and open spaces. This shelving wall creates a sense of privacy without completely closing off the room. Air and light flow freely through it while at the same time being an excellent display area for art and collectibles.

Contemporary residential architecture in the Northwest.

Even the shower has a very contemporary design. No fancy tile mosaics or claw foot tubs, although there are a few amenities. The bench and built-in shelf offer a place to set toiletries while the two separate shower heads provide luxurious options for cleanliness.

Contemporary Northwest homes capture the stylish yet relaxed atmosphere of the region. If this style speaks to you then contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to see what we can design that fits both your style and needs.