Design Steps

Designing a home can be a long process with many complicated steps. We first start with an idea, usually with some specification that the client has asked for. A certain style, number of rooms, orientation on the land or anything else that will give the client their dream home. Then a sketch is made. A sketch from an architect is not a hastily drawn image but a scaled representation of the home. In the series of images below you can see the initial drawing then a color iteration. Further  down below you will see a drawing with subtle changes to the design.

Changes are always made, whether they are small or large. When designing a home, we show our clients revised drawings until it matches the vision in their minds. After the design has been agreed upon we use all the amazing technology at our disposal to create three dimensional models. Back in the day we use to make these by hand with cardboard and other materials but the new way is much faster and easier to alter if needed. We all like that!


Once the exterior is set then we add in landscaping and also model the interior rooms. Interested in seeing these images? This home is still in the works but it will be gorgeous when finished. If you would like us to put our experience and skill to work for you on designing the home of your dreams then give us a call today to start the process.