Enjoy a Family Model Making Workshop in Seattle

Take your kids from drawing houses to building them with an architecture class.

Earlier this week we officially announced arc i tek, our youth program to be held in conjunction with the Seattle Architecture Foundation. While we know that you’re excited, we didn’t want to leave you waiting for wonderful kid friendly activities involving a passion for architecture. If you want to get into something right now, try the Family Model Making Workshop with the Seattle Architecture Foundation.

The workshop series is holding their “Family Model Making Workshop, More Building” and helps families take a 2D model to a 3D model.

“ Using a variety of materials and techniques, young architects and their families will build several types of models in this workshop. Participants will learn how architects and designers use models to imagine a building. “

Get the entire family involved in the creative process of architecture and design with this wonderful program. The next workshop of this kind is set for November 5th, 11 AM – 2 PM. The cost is $15 per attendee.

Do you enjoy family friendly architecture events?


Photo courtesy of Flickr