For a Touch of Elegance, Consider an Indoor Balcony

Gelotte Hommas’ Sammamish Tuscan includes many beautiful design features, but one of the most elegant and unique aspects of the home are its indoor balconies. Homeowners looking to incorporate a romantic, European touch should consider some of the following benefits that accompany this special design element.

The indoor balconies showcase how marvelously high the ceilings are in the living room. And since they draw the eye up, the hallways are a great place to display pieces of art.

Indoor balconies in Bellevue architecture
The portico-styled archways and wrought iron railings in Sammamish Tuscan create a aura of charm, romance, and elegance.

Having the upstairs hallways exposed creates greater connectivity between the upstairs and downstairs spaces. The line of sight is improved since it’s possible to see directly into the living room from the hallways and rooms above and vice versa.

Despite the high ceilings, the living room still manages to feel warm and intimate because of the golden tones used throughout the space. The additional light fixtures that are framed in the upstairs archways further brighten the space.

If you’re interested in learning more about indoor balconies and other charming design features that can be included in the home of your dreams, please contact us.