Green Design: The Longevity of Your Home

If you have noticed from our blog posts, Gelotte Hommas puts great emphasis on the power and principle of green living and design. By creating sustainable homes, we ensure that each of our creative and inspired spaces puts as little burden on the environment as possible, while ensuring that its occupants enjoy their space. While we’ve talked about materials, design techniques, and energy efficient additions that make a house green, we’ve yet to discuss another important aspect of eco-friendly architecture and life: Longevity.

Learn more about how one family built their home to last them their lifetime in our next post, as pictured in this photo by Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao for Dwell.

The longer you use something, the longer you go without replacing it. In today’s world, the concept of having a different home to fit each stage of your life is common. On average, you’ll buy about three homes in your lifetime: A starter home, a home for your family, and an empty nest abode.

Each one of these homes is another space that you’ll use, change, remodel, build, or somehow impact the environment with your time there. Even just hiring the moving truck to transfer from one location to the other detracts from your sustainable lifestyle.

Start thinking about how you can make your home last a lifetime instead of a mere 5-7 years. Check out our blog on Monday to read about one family that built their home for a lifetime, and how you can make your space adapt to you walk in life.

How long have you lived in your home?