Integrating with the Outdoors

“All gardening is landscape painting.” William Kent

Every detail of a home speaks to the artistry of the whole. Each fixture, window casing, and trim piece contributes to the story. It’s why we take care to consider every angle of a project. We want every space to mingle naturally with every other—including the outdoors.

The Art of Landscape Architecture

Spring and summer in the Pacific Northwest draw us outside. Clear skies, warm days, and the greens that make the Evergreen State home remind us why we love our corner of the world. As we evaluate a location and prepare to design a custom home, our first consideration is the environment. How will a home sit on the land and how will the land complement the home? Landscape is not an afterthought.

Great landscape architecture creates rooms with plants. It seamlessly extends the living space into the outdoors, working with the home to create beauty and elegance. We consult landscape architects early in our design process, allowing their artistry to influence our work and vice versa.

Together, our Woodinville architects and our landscape consultants consider how a tree-lined driveway frames the first approach to a home or how an upstairs window looks down into a garden. Great design maximizes and integrates beauty from every angle.

Architecture in Action

In our Wood, Stone, Water project, the home’s harmony with its natural surroundings was fundamental. Inside, we used structural beams and posts to mimic a forest. Soaring windows look out into the garden and open the main living spaces to (almost) touch the landscape.

Woodinville architects and the beauty of landscape architecture

Outside, living trees complement the northwest contemporary exterior and draw out the sylvan structure within the home. Serene gardens, sitting areas, and water features around the home allows every room to look out on natural beauty.

Woodinville architects and the beauty of landscape architecture

Our Woodinville architects consider thoughtful landscape architecture to be a key component in an artful home, regardless of design style. It’s all part of the art of architecture.

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