Wood, Stone, and Water: Timeless Design

Last Saturday, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting an open house at one of Curtis Gelotte’s past (and now on the market) projects. We savored the opportunity to welcome visitors into the home and share our work. That’s our passion, after all: connecting with clients through exceptional luxury home design.

The Home

Although settled in a Bellevue neighborhood, Wood, Stone, and Water sits apart from the rest. Curtis took care to tuck it back into its own world, a refuge from the bustle of life and a tribute to natural beauty.

Bellevue luxury home design

The home begins in grandeur. The main living space boasts vaulted ceilings and expansive windows. Structural beams and posts echo the trees outside, drawing the landscape into the architecture. The kitchen and dining room carry the same glass and structural beauty but on a smaller, more familiar scale. The master bedroom grows cozier still with a custom trellis canopy.

Every space in the home—from the main living room to the secluded study—ties directly to the landscape outside. Each room, each window gazes out on a garden. Beams mimic tree tops and water features allude to ponds and streams. And, of course, natural light floods the home at every opportunity.

Bellevue luxury home design

The Reaction

As guests explored the Bellevue home, most were surprised to learn that it’s nearly twenty-two years old. The design is classic, transcending fads with timeless design principles. It’s what seeking art in architecture accomplishes every time.

We truly relish each relationship we build with our clients, and we don’t take lightly the dreams they entrust to us. When clients hand us the reins, we’re determined to deliver exquisite luxury home design, uniquely tailored to their needs.

If you’d like to explore and consider this example of our luxury home design offerings, check for upcoming open house dates.