Living on Island Time: The Multi-Island Kitchen

The island. It has become an almost essential feature in any kitchen. It provides extra work space, an attractive, centering element in the room, and often times offers extra storage. Most everyone can agree that an island is useful. So what would you do with multiple islands?

This spacious kitchen fits three island stations, allowing you to designate specific functions for each space. Photo by Roger Davies, via Architectural Digest.

Having multiple islands or a multi-level island will make your kitchen even more efficient and accommodating, by adding such features, you also add:

  • Work space that can be designated for different functions. The island closest to the door acts as a catch all for groceries, work bags, and more, while the island near the sink works perfectly for food preparation.
  • Multi-levels work especially well for allowing you designate a space for guests and kids while you prepare tapas or a meal. It keeps the “too many cooks in the kitchen” space issue under wraps, and allows you space to work with the food or beverages while you can still interact with your onlookers.
If you have an open, spacious kitchen, consider redesigning and using some of that space for a second island. You’ll appreciate the space and comfort.