Luxury Home Features: Inspiring Mezzanines to Add Depth

One of the latest trending home features is the inclusion of a mezzanine. This wide-open floor space can serve many functions as a social area, family living space, or even a home office. Under a tall ceiling, mezzanines feel open and welcoming, and they allow you to show off your home’s best features in a more expansive atmosphere. Here are a few examples of ways you can use a mezzanine to add depth to your home design.

mezzanine design
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Wooden Mezzanine

Built underneath a wide-open skylight, a wooden mezzanine looks vibrant and woodsy in the daytime and warm and cozy by night. Integrate plenty of wood into the space and draw the eye upwards by choosing natural wooden ceiling beams. Another good places to use wood is on a loft level or as a frame for large picture windows.

Brick and Stone

Create a rustic-looking mezzanine by exposing a plain brick wall on one side of the room. This is a nice choice for a lower level or basement space. Pair the brick or stone with simple colors like gray and rust for a very natural and relaxed look. Use minimal decorations for a coordinated appeal.

Transparent Glass

A mezzanine does not necessarily have to be completely open — it just has to give that appearance. Try creating a unique visual connection between living spaces on a loft level by separating them with glass panes. From the lower level, the loft will look wide open, but when you’re actually up there, you benefit from having the space somewhat physically divided.

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