Pop-Up card for Valentine’s day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Whether you are celebrating today with as a couple, or not, there is always someone you can show some love to today. We were inspired over here at GHA and got a little crafty.

pop-up card for valentines day
Happy Valentines Day from GHA

We designed a pop-up card based on a custom tile mosaic on one of our client’s wine rooms. (You can view the wine room here)

Get your supplies ready and download our custom template here. Ready? let’s make a valentines pop-up card!

What you will need: card stock for the template and the card, glue stick, exacto knife, cutting mat, cute red envelope to put your finished valentine in, and chocolate (for energy whilst crafting of course!)
pop-up card for valentines day
Step 1: cut out all the sections marked "CUT OUT". *Careful not to cut the red outline*
All cut out and ready for step 2
valentines day pop-up card
Fold along the "FOLD HERE" lines
valentines day pop-up card
Fold down the center of the design in half
valentines day pop-up card
Fold the pink heart in half as well *careful not to rip the attached portions on the top and bottom*
valentines day pop-up card
Put some glue on"GLUE TO CARD" tabs on either side of the design. Align the design with the inner fold of your card and push down gently. Close the card over the pop-up design and press down firmly.
pop-up card for valentines day
Voilà! You have made yourself a pop-up card! (I knew you could do it) 🙂

Once you’re done post your pictures of your finished pop-up card in the comments section. We would love to see them!
Have a safe and happy Valentine’s day everyone.


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