Small Homes, Big Dreams

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Last week we discussed the 2017 trend towards smaller houses in King County and the surrounding region. Eric Drivdahl, an expert in custom home architecture, expressed his excitement for this trend: “Seattle homeowners are choosing quality over quantity. They’re looking for higher quality materials, home technology, connectedness to the outdoors, and enduring beauty. These are values we love.”

Let’s dive into these phenomenal small home design trends for 2018.

Quality Design Choices

If you’re building a custom home, it makes sense to infuse it with life and longevity from the beginning. Small home designs are great opportunities to make every inch count. Here are a three ideas high quality design choices you can make for your home.

  • Open floor plans make small home designs feel large and luxurious. The community living area flows seamlessly from kitchen to dining room to living room for an air of spacious functionality.
  • Carrara marble, soapstone, and concrete countertops make for durable, timeless surfaces that can adapt to a variety of design styles.
  • Statement walls of brick, tile, wood, and ledger stone go the extra mile to add life, texture, and even warmth to a space.
Seattle homeowners choose quality features in their custom home architecture.

Home Technology

It’s 2018, and there’s no doubt that technology will only continue to advance. Smart home features offer increased luxury without increasing the home’s footprint. Smart speakers integrated with lighting, blinds, thermostats, sound systems, and more bring efficiency and accessibility to the home. Keyless entry, smart kitchens, wireless and integrated security systems, and multi-room audio systems similarly enhance small home design functionality.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

While we’re currently in the rainy season, spring and summer are coming quickly. Prospective Seattle homeowners want to take advantage of those warm, clear Pacific Northwest days. Homes with large windows, folding glass walls, covered porches, and open back patios welcome residents to the joy of outdoor living.

Outdoor living makes small home designs feel larger and more functional.

Enduring Beauty

Custom home architecture is an investment. It makes sense that Seattle homeowners want that investment to last. More than simply choosing quality, long-lasting materials, a great home must age with grace. Creating a timeless design and adorning it with enduring features adds to the value of the home. It’ll be as fresh and relevant fifteen years from now as it is today.

Seattle homeowners choose enduring design features for custom home architecture.

As we continue into 2018, we’ll bring share more of our expertise on home design tips and trends for your custom home. As always, we’re honored to help you achieve your dream home.
Our thanks to our partners at Macadam Flooring and Design for lending their expertise to this post!