Spring Home Ideas: Landscape Architecture

Great custom home design unites every element to create a single, coherent, beautiful home. Inside and out, the home feels like a unified painting with colors, materials, and setting in perfect alignment. We seek this balance in every home we create. And landscape architecture is a big part of that balance.

While our custom home architects devote a significant amount of time to every detail of a house, we understand that design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Setting impacts every project.

Sculpt the Landscape

As Pacific Northwest natives, we can’t resist the natural beauty that surrounds us. In our craft, we consider that beauty to be a truly “natural” resource that informs and shapes how we approach a project. We partner with professional landscape architects to sculpt homes that work with the landscape.

Juanita architects use landscape architecture in home design
By Jaunita architects Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Redmond Retreat, for instance, grows out of the hill it sits on. Tucked away in a sylvan corner, the home’s exterior rises from the hill with wood, glass, and stone that mimics the trees and earth around it. Inside, we framed the views to make the occupants feel like they’re among the trees—an impression accentuated by the natural wood beams throughout.

Increase Efficiency

But landscape architecture provides more than curb appeal. It also factors into truly sustainable and eco friendly design. Our custom home architects recommend bringing in landscape architects early in our design process. Together, we consider the orientation of a home and how natural surroundings impact both design and logistics.

Custom home architects use landscape architecture in home design
By Jaunita architects Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

As the project progresses, we use strategic landscaping to enhance a home’s energy efficiency. Well-placed trees, for instance, provide shade and significantly reduce summertime temperatures within the home without straining the air conditioning system. During the winter months, the bare branches of deciduous trees allow sun to shine into the home for added warmth and light.

As we head into the spring and summer months, we’re reminded anew of the joy of great settings and landscapes in designing a home. Tell us about your vision for a home perfectly integrated with the landscape!