Summer Design in Seattle

Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings out the best in us. With sunshine, mountains, forests, lakes, and the Sound, summer in Seattle is a season to explore, relax, and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings–including the beauty of home design in Seattle. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite summer home design tips and inspirations for you.

5 Backyard Designs

Embracing the best of the Seattle summer with a stunning staircase to the Sound.

Home doesn’t end at your backdoor. It encompasses the entirety of the space that you call yours—where you plant flowers in the spring, make memories with friends on summer days, and sip coffee as the leaves fall from the trees. Backyard design deserves just as much attention as every other detail of your custom home. Explore five backyard designs for summer.

Bask in the Light

Skylights allow natural light to poor through the master bathroom

Natural light is among the best adornments for a home. It’s timeless. It goes with any style. It benefits everyone. And as we’ve mentioned, it increases the quality of life for those who bask in it. Explore architectural features that add light and life to your home from summer to winter.


Folding glass doors let in the fresh air of Pacific Northwest summers

Whether nestled in the mountains or perched along the water, folding glass doors erase the line between indoor and outdoor living. They’re an ideal way to savor warm evenings or increase entertaining space for summer gatherings. Explore the uses and design potential of NanaWalls.

3 Outdoor Dining Spaces

A covered outdoor kitchen designed to embrace the Pacific Northwest summer.

As sunlight lingers longer and the warm evenings draw us outside, there’s no better place to unwind than your own backyard. Here are three outdoor dining spaces we love.

Lakefront Splendor

A fireside outdoor living space made for the Seattle summer.

Lakefront Splendor showcases the best of outdoor living elements in action. From fold-away glass doors to a lakeside trellis and lounge space, the home inspires us to embrace the best of Seattle summers.

We take seriously the need to embrace the best of outdoor living. Contact us to learn more about integrating exceptional outdoor spaces into your home design.