A Step Above: Beauty in Staircases

Great staircases exist for more than mere function. They’re a statement, an expression of style. They require space in prominent areas of your home, after all, so they should be beautiful. Here’s a collection of our favorite staircase designs to inspire you: Classic Charm Classic on the Green‘s elegant staircase wraps squarely around the entryway. …

Rise Up: The Art of Staircase Design

If a house has more than one level, a staircase is vital. Yet staircases can exist for more than mere function. They act as practical art, gorgeous storage, and gateways to new spaces. And since stairs dominate a considerable amount of space, why not be intentional in your home’s staircase design?   Sculpted Stairs Seattle …

An Architect’s Perspective on Asian Ambiance

Scott Hommas discusses a custom remodel with an Asian twist.

Tansu Stairs in a Seattle Lake Home

Form and function meet in this Asian tansu chest-inspired staircase.