A Step Above: Beauty in Staircases

Great staircases exist for more than mere function. They’re a statement, an expression of style. They require space in prominent areas of your home, after all, so they should be beautiful.

Here’s a collection of our favorite staircase designs to inspire you:

Classic Charm

Classic staircase design in Kirkland, WA.

Classic on the Green‘s elegant staircase wraps squarely around the entryway. The wood steps are classically dressed with a thick stair runner and finished with a dark wood and metal bannister.

Simple Elegance

Classic staircase design in Bellevue.

Canvas and Light presents a clean, timeless staircase design, favoring the contrast between white and dark wood. The simplicity of the stairs allows the large painting on the wall to take center stage.

Perfect Spiral

Rustic spiral staircase design in the Pacific Northwest.

Cedar Haven‘s staircase gives homage to to the forest outside, mimicking a grove of trees in the descending railing posts. The curvature of the sculpted light fixture flows with the staircase and perfectly reflects its spiral.

Contemporary Symmetry

Modern staircase design in Meydenbauer, WA.

Meydenbauer Place embraces symmetry and function in staircase design. Two sets of stairs lead up to the two private wings of the home. Metal and glass create a clean, modern aesthetic for this family home.

Tansu Steps

Staircase design in Seattle.

Asian Ambiance maximizes potential storage space by honoring the home’s Japan-inspired style. The staircase models a traditional tansu hutch, complete with shelving, drawers, and display steps for the homeowner’s art.

Eclectic Tones

The eclectic Hatari project embraces color in its patio staircase. Rich wood stain catches different tones in the wood and sprawling landings create a leisurely path to the dock below.

Staircase design presents a wealth of opportunity for creativity and expression. Traditional and modern, straight and spiral, a staircase can be as unique as your custom home.

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