Rise Up: The Art of Staircase Design

If a house has more than one level, a staircase is vital. Yet staircases can exist for more than mere function. They act as practical art, gorgeous storage, and gateways to new spaces. And since stairs dominate a considerable amount of space, why not be intentional in your home’s staircase design?


Sculpted Stairs

Seattle architect Scott Hommas takes seriously the art of architecture. He crafts every inch of space to be both beautiful and functional. His staircase designs are no exception. Cedar Haven, for instance, draws inspiration from the forest around it, and the tapered posts within the sculpted spiral staircase echo a grove of trees. A custom designed sculpture descends from the ceiling and curves with the staircase, creating a sense of elegant movement throughout the space.

Artistic staircase design thrives in our Cedar Haven custom home.


Storage Stairs

In smaller homes, every bit of space matters. Scott uses creative staircase design to provide storage solutions in Asian Ambiance. Elaborating on the homeowner’s decor tastes, Scott crafted a tansu hutch inspired staircase. The staircase functions as display steps for three East Asian sculptures and as a storage case for books and media. It also acts as a natural partition between the living room and library.

Great staircase design combines function and art in this Seattle custom home.


Gateway Stairs

While we endeavor to make the staircase a destination in itself, stairs are, of course, meant to transport you to new spaces. Let the staircase frame the beauty of the spaces it connects. Hatari uses glistening, colorful woodwork to connect two incredible spaces: a luxurious waterfront porch and the exquisite lake beyond.

A Seattle architect infuses a touch of whimsy into this fantastic staircase design.

Well-thought staircase design makes a custom home stand out. It unites distinct spaces and creates a sense of movement in the home. Stairs should be an artful architectural feature in the home, and we’d love to design the perfect staircase for your dream home.