Teamwork in Design

Steve Jobs once said that “great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We’re inclined to agree.

And while Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl is a gifted, creative group of artists, our team extends to the contractors and vendors we work with. After all, that’s why we look forward to Gelato, Hummus, and Drinks every year–it’s our opportunity to celebrate and catch up with the people who partner with us in the art of architecture.

Partner in Design

We’re privileged to partner with people who share our passion for enduring homes, molded perfectly to fit lives as unique as our clients’. Real Sliding Hardware is one of our partners. Located in our own Seattle, Washington, RSH emphasizes craftsmanship, excellence, and innovation in interior sliding barn doors and barn door hardware.

We relish opportunities to work with RSH. Their professionalism and creativity combine for extraordinary results, especially when it comes to barn door designs.

We used one of RSH’s barn door designs to provide a seamless flow from Cedar Haven’s main living space into the hallway. The doors captured the rustic-modern look that the homeowners desired and added to the illusion that the rural architecture grew out of the forest–that every inch of the home belongs in that space.

These custom sliding barn doors fit naturally into the home's rural architecture.
Our partners at Real Sliding Hardware provided exquisite custom barn doors for our Cedar Haven project.

The barn doors are perfectly imperfect and alive with the neutral colors of the forest. They complement the rural architecture’s surrounding details and add opportunities for both privacy and open space.

That level of attention to detail is essential in the design of a dream home. Every inch–from shingles to stairways to doors–speaks to the character of the house and the lives of our clients.

And we’re grateful for our colleagues who share our passion for intentionality and excellence in design.