Texture in Architecture

The art of architecture lies in the details. In how carefully selected materials can mimic forests and water within a home. In how a spiral staircase adds motion to an entryway. In how a living room’s soft wood floors can perfectly contrast with the stark limestone walls. Details matter. Texture matters.

Texture—the result of carefully curated materials—enhances the experience of a home. It warms, cools, strengthens, softens, hides, and showcases featured elements. It engages the senses to appreciate the nowness of home. Texture in architecture isn’t an afterthought. It’s a key consideration. Ratio House embraces those considerations.

First Impressions

Kirkland architects use texture in home design

Ratio House embraces texture from the outside in. Warm grasses and foliage offset the sleek, concrete driveway just as wrapped wood pillars soften the limestone façade and metal roof. The perfectly proportioned front door mingles spirals, vertical lines, and stone for a vibrant first impression.

Stone and Wood

Kirkland architects use texture in home design

Inside, a dramatic limestone wall offers consistency with the exterior façade. The cool gray wall contrasts with rich wood flooring and trim. Plush couches and armchairs infuse warmth, intimacy, and comfort into the main living space.

Ethereal Tile

Kirkland architects use texture in home design

Ratio House’s master bathroom harnesses the impact of texture in architecture. Translucent art glass blocks soften the space with filtered light. Turquoise tile adds vibrancy in tone and sleekness in texture. The custom vanity brings the warmth of wood into the predominantly cool room. In a room that necessitates hard, cool surfaces, this home plays with texture.

Great design deals in details. While it’s certainly possible to enhance a home with furniture and decor after the fact, texture begins in architecture.

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