The Art of Arched Doorways

That’s the thing with curves. While most architecture is rectilineal – all straight lines and squared angles – curves are often designed to soften a building’s impact, help the structure meld into the surrounding landscape. That’s why curves work particularly well near bodies of water, reflecting that sense of fluidity, or in rural and mountain settings. – Paul Best

Lines, angles, corners, and curves are the building blocks of great architecture. They add drama and soften aesthetics. From rooflines to stair-steps, lines and curves define the character of a home.

Doorways are among the most noticeable linear features within a home, and their artistry can create movement and intrigue even as they function to connect spaces. Arched doorways, in all their timelessness and sophistication, soften the tone of a room and break up strict lines that otherwise dominate a structure.


An arched doorway leading to a Juliet balcony

The soft warmth of Storybook Cottage’s arched doorways carries a sense of whimsy throughout this iconic residence. The interior archways, paired with cool tones and contemporary accents, unite modern taste with fanciful design.


An arched doorway in classic residential architecture

Classic on the Green incorporates ovals, arches, and curves throughout its design. Each arch imbues the space with timeless grace and sophistication, reminiscent of Old World estate homes.


An arched doorway in a home wine cellar

Arches echo through Lakeside Lookout’s wine cellar. Display nooks, doorways, and the wine bottles themselves embrace elegant curves and offer an artistic congruity to the space.

From ancient architecture to contemporary living, arched doorways merge beauty, elegance, function, and warmth into great home design.

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