Upcoming Events For Gelotte Hommas, Including the Built Green Conference

Architects are an active, engaging group that thrive on interaction, creativity, and the exchange of ideas. Any given month, there’s usually at least one big event in the world of architecture, but September is looking to be an intensely busy month. To keep you up to date on the happenings at Gelotte Hommas, we’ve included our up and coming events:

  •  The Built Green Conference is just days away on the 14th at Pickering Barn in Issaquah. Our very own Eric Gelotte will be speaking at the conference, discussing how using local merchants add to the greenness of a home, as well as offering information on who/what they are in the area.
The Built Green Conference and Festival is a great event for those interested in green architecture and how to make your designs and builds more eco-friendly.
  • On the 17th of September, we’ll be attending an open house for a client that we assisted with a wonderful remodel on the Sammamish plateau. We designed the space and then the client built the design over the course of five years–An open house is definitely earned after a half decade of labor!
Many bungalows have their style and charm displayed on the exterior of the space, like our Kirkland Bungalow.
  • Our big event for September,  The Bungalow Fair, will take place on the 24-25 in Seattle. We will be attending and speaking at the fair, with Scott and Eric leading a discussion on “How to teach an old house new tricks”. The talk will focus on how you can add bungalow charm to an existing newer home to add vintage elements and character. Gelotte Hommas loves bungalow style, as you can see from our work on the Medina BungalowBungalow on the Beach and Kirkland Bungalow.
Scott's talk at the Bungalow fair will help you add bungalow charm to your existing home, with wonderful interior additions like this one, in our Medina Bungalow.

We’re ecstatic about these upcoming events, and are excited to share them with you here. Will you be attending either of the conferences or the open house? If so, tell us in a comment!