Vote for Gelotte Hommas Wild Pumpkin Design

Gelotte Hommas Architecture needs your vote to help project manager Curt Peterson win a pumpkin design contest sponsored by This Old House. Curt’s pumpkin sculpture, “The Gatekeeper,” appears as one of the magazine’s 99 Wild Pumpkins competing for a spot in the Top 25, which will be announced online Oct. 29. The #1 pumpkin design will be chosen by the editors of This Old House. To sculpt the pumpkin, Curt used a carving knife, clay loop tools, and an X-Acto blade. The whole work took him four hours to complete.

Pumpkin carved by our very own Curt Peterson

Vote by giving Curt’s “The Gatekeeper” pumpkin sculpture a 100 rating. The site doesn’t provide a unique web address to Curt’s page, but click through the wild pumpkin designs until you find the intimidating “Gatekeeper.” Check back at the Gelotte Hommas blog next week to see if Curt makes the Top 25. Great job, Curt!

Want to design a unique pumpkin of your own? Check out these easy pumpkin-carving patterns from around the Smithsonian Institute.

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