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As Seattle architects, we’re honored to participate in the 2020 Luxe RED Awards! Brought to you by Luxe Interiors + Design, this competition rewards the best of home design in the United States.

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This year, we’ve submitted two of our favorite projects under two categories, so you have two opportunities to vote.

Canvas and Light

Home art studio designed by Seattle architect Eric Drivdahl

Canvas and Light blends the comfort of home with the beauty of art in a seamless masterpiece. What began as a dated 1980s spec home became a haven for our clients’ art collection. Seattle architect Eric Drivdahl crafted spaces to perfectly showcase exceptional art and designed a new art studio.

A once bland house now stands as a timeless testament to the art of architecture.

Vote now and give a “thumbs up” to Canvas and Light in the category of Best Renovation or Restoration!

Hollywood Hills Retreat

PNW home exterior designed by Seattle architect Scott Hommas

Hollywood Hills Retreat demonstrates the power and beauty of quality over quantity. With 2,700 square feet, Seattle architect Scott Hommas designed a home that uses every inch well. The great room layout merges kitchen, dining, and living rooms into an integrated, multi-purpose space that flows naturally to the outdoors. Natural stones and woods anchor the home in its Pacific Northwest setting.

Vote now and give a “thumbs up” to Hollywood Hills Retreat in the category of Classic/Traditional Architecture! 

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