A Sense of Place

A sense of place. All great artistic pieces are rooted in this concept. Paintings, films, literature…architecture. They embrace and embody the essence of a single place–echoing its beauty, acknowledging its flaws, and immersing the viewer in the utter reality of that locale.

We think homes should do that, too.

Each Gelotte Hommas home, though distinct in style, bears witness to its surroundings. It considers the natural and civic environment and works to create beauty and harmony within it.

Cedar Haven

Like great national park architecture, GHDA's residential architecture designs draw on nature for inspiration.

Cedar Haven is rooted in the forest. Its striking interior and exterior cedar columns were harvested directly from the property and preserved precisely to imbue architectural beauty into the cabin style home. A spiral of ascending stairway posts mimic the woods outside the home.

Soaring windows in the great room and dining room create an interconnectedness to the wild…while still offering refuge from the elements. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and the home office all favor large expanses of glass to decor-hung walls. The ever-changing seasons provide art and intrigue in their own right.

fireplace design in Bellevue

Stone–an abundant element in the Western Washington soil–grounds the cabin style home. Cool, textured stone fireplace walls create stunning focal points in the living room, bonus room, and outdoor dining space. Outside, that same stone offsets the wood exterior for an added sense of refuge against time and weather.

No matter the style, no matter the landscape, we believe that a core element of beauty is the ability to work naturally in the home’s setting.

It’s part of the art of architecture.