Build Your Home With a Courtyard for Entertaining

Courtyards provide a private outdoor space for entertaining guests. Whether you just want to have a few friends over for a late dinner or throw a larger party with dining and entertainment, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Use the following ideas for homes with courtyards to think about how you would like to set up yours:

Seattle homes with courtyards
  • Entertainment. If you plan on having guests over to watch movies or games, have a big-screen TV placed in the courtyard, along with benches and lounge seats. Shelving to hold your movie collection also comes in handy.
  • Lighting. Fill your courtyard with enough lighting to make it look inviting when you entertain guests at night. You can have lights installed along the edges of your home to brighten up the courtyard.
  • Color. Add an unexpected splash of color to make your courtyard look more vibrant and festive. Royal blue or another bright color, such as red, can make your courtyard look more welcoming to guests.
  • Versatility. Design your courtyard so that it can be used during the day or at night. Have a water feature installed to create a focal point that guests can admire whether they’re over for an afternoon meal or a late dinner.
  • Space. Make effective use of the space you have in your courtyard. Place a long table in it if you’ll be having several guests over often.

To see a fine example of a courtyard made for entertaining, please visit our online portfolio. Homes with courtyards present wonderful design opportunities, which we would be happy to help you with.

Interested in discussing design options for your courtyard? Please contact Gelotte Hommas to schedule a consultation.