Elements of Design with Gelotte Hommas: Part I

t’s no secret that when Gelotte Hommas designs a space many factors come into play. Some of the biggest factors that come into the process are the elements of design. If you check out the Gelotte Hommas website, you know that six significant elements of design are outlined and strongly emphasized. However, just to give you a better idea of what all goes into the intricate process of designing a new space, we’ve broken down the six elements of design into two parts. Check out the first part of the elements of design with Gelotte Hommas:

The tower in Casa Del Sol is reminiscent of an old silo, doubles as a wildlife lookout and game room thus incorporating Beauty, Form and Rhythm.
  • Beauty: The age-old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” comes to life when Gelotte Hommas transforms a mere piece of space into something that truly captures the eye. Many factors go into making a space or area beautiful such as scale and proportion. Paying close attention to detail and keeping functionality in mind, Gelotte Hommas is able to expose beauty in just about any project.
  • Form: Being able to create a structure that is not only beautiful but also acts as a functional structure is an important element of design. Gelotte Hommas is able to create dramatic and breath-taking structures that also have a high level of functionality.
  • Rhythm: The element of rhythm includes various factors such as repetition and spacing. Gelotte Hommas keeps rhythm in mind when working on a project in order to accent and highlight even the smallest of details in a space.
Stay tuned for the second part of the series to learn about the last three elements of design. When you use Gelotte Hommas to transform your dreams into a reality, you won’t have to worry about keeping these elements of design in mind. Rest assured Gelotte Hommas will keep the important elements of design in mind at all times.
Photo from Gelotte Hommas