Get Inspired to Add Some Outdoor Living Areas to Your Home

Do you often look out your window and wish you spent more time outside in the beautiful sunlight? A great way to embrace the outdoors is to incorporate some outdoor living spaces in your backyard. The architects at Gelotte Hommas can help you design the perfect layout! Here are a few trendy outdoor living ideas to get you started:

Outdoor Lounge Design
  • A sauna makes outdoor living feel like a vacation into the land of luxury. Outdoor saunas help melt away the stress of a long day. While far more common in the Scandinavian countries than in the United States, saunas are becoming more popular and are a great investment in terms of increasing home value.
  • If you’re not a sauna person, consider installing a hot tub. They’re the perfect place to relax with friends on summer nights, and a great setting from which to observe the beauty of your gardens.
  • A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can transform your backyard into party central in the summer. Fireplaces also allow you to use your backyard when the weather is cooler, so you get more outside time in the spring and fall.
  • Do you love the look of greenery and flowers but lack the space for a sprawling garden? Wall gardens are more popular than ever. They’re also easy to care for and maintain.
  • If you want your backyard to look beautiful at all hours of the night, there’s one secret: great lighting. This is a chance to get creative. Try using ambient lighting under seating or on garden features.

When you’re ready to embrace the great outdoors, keep Gelotte Hommas in mind. Contact us to learn how our beautiful designs can transform your yard into a luxurious outdoor lounge.