Green Build 2011

The Green Build Expo features the latest and greatest for green builders.

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is coming up, and it’s time for you to register. This event discusses the future of green building, with expert speakers, open forums, and much more.

Green Build 2011 will be held in Toronto, where speakers (set to be announced on a rolling basis) will discuss the future of green building and eco-friendly architecture across the globe, along with other events, like a green film festival and a green job fair for those new to the trade. For those new to green building, there will be LEED workshops and other educational opportunities to learn more ab out the environmentally friendly aspects of the trade.

This year’s expo is set in Toronto, taking the event into an international status. The dates are set for October 4-6, 2011. Early registration is due by August 15th, so hurry and register. Registration will also be available at the event.

Are you going to Green Build?