How to Get the Modern Prairie Home Style Right

Prairie style homes became common in the early 20th century. They provided a more spacious and visually-appealing home than more traditional homes with smaller windows and simple, four-wall designs.

Prairie homes typically feature rows of windows and cantilevered roofs, as well as more open floor plans that bring in extra light. Other ideas for a modern prairie style homes include:

Prairie style homes in Seattle
  • Horizontal lines. Prairie homes usually have horizontal lines. This feature can be seen on famous prairie home styles, such as those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Central chimney. Placing one large chimney in the middle of the home gives prairie homes a cozy feel and serves as a central gathering place for family or friends.
  • Open floor plan. Prairie homes have open floor plans, instead of more compartmentalized designs with separate rooms. The kitchen, living room and dining room are often connected, which helps the home “flow” better and makes it easier for family members to interact.
  • Rich wood tones. Quarter-sawn oak and other deep wood tones are commonly seen in prairie homes.
  • Casement windows. Rows of windows are a hallmark feature of prairie homes. These windows let more sunlight in and create a streamlined look that offsets cantilevered roofs.
  • Hip roof with deep overhangs. This is one of the most common design elements of the prairie home style.
  • Art glass windows. Prairie homes often have visually striking windows with artistic designs on them. Thanks to these intricate patterns, these windows usually don’t require curtains.
  • Built-in seating. Seats that are built right into the room close to a fireplace or corner windows are also found in many prairie homes.

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