Take a Look at Northwest Perspective, a Current Gelotte Hommas Project

On our new website, you can see both completed and in progress Gelotte Hommas projects. While looking over the photos, it’s important to remember that these aren’t just spaces that are designed for the sake of beauty and having a place to rest your head or to go to work–They’re spaces that our team works to tailor for you so that you can’t wait to get home or into the office.

As you look over our projects, get into our perspective by reading our notes.

Elevations for current underway project "Northwest Perspective"

In the notes on the Northwest Perspective home, you’ll see items that you expect. Dimensions, “4,535 SF custom home”, style, “ Contemporary Northwest style”, and placement, “In the “Infinity” development in Kirkland”, are all expected. Where Gelotte Hommas goes further is in keeping our clients and the family that will live in the space at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process, even sharing a bit about the space in our notes as it effects them.

•”Light filled great room style living” that’s “designed for a family with young children” tells you what the goal of the property is. We want to create a space that is natural, open, and welcoming for a young family as they grow and prosper. This space needs to be adaptable, as the young children will grow up in the home, and need to have a space that grows with them. There should be plenty of room, in case the family expands, and lots of space for entertaining, as birthday parties, club meetings, and more will probably be enjoyed within these walls.

If you’re looking for a home that is custom designed to fit your needs in a modern and eco-friendly perspective, please contact us today.