The Self Sufficient House: A Zero Energy Home

The Built Green Conference had so many wonderful ideas for discussion, we couldn't help but share.

If you weren’t able to attend the 2011 Built Green Conference, then we hate you missed out, but we do have some great information on what’s going on in the green focused architectural community around Bellevue and Seattle. One of the ideas that we loved to see discussed at the conference was that of a Zero Energy Home (ZEH).

So what is a Zero Energy Home? A ZEH is a home that is self sufficient–It provides what it needs to consume, and has its own cycle that allows the people within it to save on costs and to lesson their carbon footprint on the planet. Though a home that generates the same amount of energy as it consumes may seem more futuristic, there have already been plenty of homes built that meet this criteria, or at least come within reach. The Zero Energy Home is a great goal for the eco-friendly design and architecture community, and we look forward to seeing how it develops.

What are your thoughts on a ZEH?