5 More Fireplace Designs for Fall

The fireplace is the quintessential place where beauty and comfort meet. It provides the basic human necessity of warmth amid the cooler seasons, often with character and elegance. Great fireplace design brings beauty and delight to the home.

Art & Warmth

Fireplace design with an artistic flare from Seattle architects.

Canvas and Light frames the classic fireplace design with color and light. A striking painting hangs above the mantle and colorful glasswork brings vibrant life to the entire room.

Central & Rustic

Fireplace design with a rustic flare from Seattle architects.

Set in stone, Cabin at Lake Wenatchee’s fireplace sits at the center of the vacation home, creating an ideal setting for movies, games, and conversation after a day outside. 

Cozy & Private

Fireplace design with a cozy vibe from Seattle architects.

Tucked in the upstairs master bedroom, this classic fireplace design creates a focal point for this private space. Builtin bookshelves flank the fireplace and armchairs add additional intimacy and comfort.

Sleek & Slender

Ribbon fireplace design with a modern flare from Seattle architects.

Ratio House’s ribbon fireplace adds class and warmth to a modern living space without dominating the room. It does add sleek intrigue with a black stripe in the long limestone wall.

Inspired & Timeless

Fireplace design with an Tuscan flare from Seattle architects.

Found at the center of a Tuscan-inspired remodel, this rustic fireplace is at the heart of the home. It’s central to the home’s narrative, which articulates the evolution of a family home through the ages, beginning with this central, cozy living space and expanding through the years.  

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