How to Make the Mountain Home Modern

Many people think of mountain architecture as simple cabins tucked away among the trees, but these homes can be much more than that. They can be spacious houses that make the most of the surrounding scenic views and feature luxurious touches.

The following ideas for a modern mountain home can help you decide how you would like yours to look:

mountain architecture

  • Large deck. Considering that any mountain home is bound to have beautiful views, adding a large deck makes sense. You can have a deck built onto the main floor of your home to take advantage of these views while relaxing.
  • Mix modern design elements with organic ones. The organic elements help give modern rooms a softer look. Rugged or petrified wood works well in mountain homes that are filled with modern furniture and other modern design elements.
  • Choose light-colored furniture. White or light neutral tones provide some contrast to mountain homes that feature dark wood floors and cabinets.
  • Wall-mounted faucets. These types of faucets are a common feature in modern homes. In mountain homes, they help bring a modern touch and work well with natural materials, such as a walnut slab countertop or a petrified wood sink.
  • Bring the outdoors inside. Adding structural elements, such as stone columns, helps blend the indoors and outdoors. Skylights and expansive windows let in as much natural light as possible and provide additional views of the home’s surroundings.
  • Home office. A home office doesn’t look out of place in a modern mountain home, especially when it contains a blend of modern and natural elements.

Take a look at images of our Cedar Haven project, which involved creating a modern mountain home.

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