Ideas for Building a Beautiful Contemporary Home

Contemporary interior design is sometimes confused with modern architecture, but the two styles have their differences. While modern homes often have a streamlined look, open floor plan, large windows, and plenty of white or neutral hues, contemporary homes push the envelope when it comes to decorative touches.

If you’re thinking of having a contemporary home built, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sculptural effect. Instead of going with a simple modern ceiling, try something artistic and out of the ordinary, such as ceiling plans that overlap. The color can still be white or neutral, but the overlapping effect makes it stand out more.
  • Odd elements. Introduce unusual elements to a room filled with streamlined surfaces, such as an angular kitchen island or one structural piece or element made from a material that’s very different from what’s found in the rest of the room. These are simple changes that turn a room from modern to contemporary.
  • Visual impact. Add one focal point that really stands out, such as a wine storage area lined in glass or an eye-catching lighting fixture. This type of detail only needs to be done sparingly in a room that mainly features simple surfaces in white or neutral colors.
  • Variety of surfaces. A contemporary interior design can be done in a minimalist fashion, similar to a modern style, but it should have details that break up the streamlined surfaces. You can do this by adding different types of simple surfaces, such as a lighted glass flooring in a room with shiny surfaces.

Visit our online portfolio to see a lakefront contemporary home we designed. Look for the kinds of details that stand out, such as unusual textures and structural elements.

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